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Pinterest Marketing has become the fundamental part of social media marketing strategy for your online presence. Pinterest is one of the most popular and powerful social networks that came with its own unique approach. It has great potential to get traffic to your blog or website. If you are a company or brand, small business owner or blogger, it gives you opportunities to drive traffic, engage with your targeted audience and generate more sales. So, it is an exciting social network and allows you to connect with the audience for every niche. Moreover, traffic from this social network tends to be more engaged with your content than any other social network.

Hence, you can achieve your goals and objectives by implementing the right strategy to promote business on this growing social network.

How to get thousands of visitors to your website or blog by pinterest advertising?

12 Tips to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing

Here are some Pinterest marketing tips that can be highly effective to boost your visibility.

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1- Schedule Your Pins

Scheduling pins in advance significantly increase traffic to your blog or website. Scheduling also saves your time rather than posting multiple times a day and allows you to get everything ready at once. Hence, you can engage effectively with your audience without being on Pinterest all the time.

You can use app Tailwind to schedule your pins in advance. It is the best Pinterest marketing tool with extremely useful and smart features. You can manage, track and enhance the Pinterest experience by using this tool.

It also suggests you the best times for pinning based on your audience behavior and automatically publish pins when they are most likely to view them.

It has a great feature called Tailwind Tribes. This feature enables you to connect and grow with other people in your niche. Tailwind tribes are Pinterest sharing platform which allows you to add your pin to a tribe so that others can view, schedule and share your content to their audience. Hence, you can get more exposure to your pins and build a huge community of pinners with Tailwind Tribes. You can also create your own tribe and invite other like-minded people to build connections. It is a great way to help each other to grow by sharing great content. You can start tailwind free trial here.

2- Include Relevant Keywords

Pinterest has become a search engine for many people. They use keywords for searching products or services they need. Always add relevant keywords in title and description of your boards, so that you can be easily found in search results. Write a compelling description for pins and include keywords there as well.

3- Create Beautiful Images

This social media is full of beautiful images. Bright and vibrant images are mostly attracted by users. It is recommended to use vertical images and include text to make them visually appealing. As a result, you will get more repins.

You can use Canva to create beautiful and engaging pins. It is a great tool and you can make pins very easily to optimize your Pinterest marketing strategy.

4- Enable Rich Pins

You can increase visibility and click through rate of your pins by enabling rich pins feature. Rich pins contain additional information with the pin and make pins more attractive. If you have a business account on Pinterest, you can enable rich pins. There are many types of rich pins like article, product, recipe, place etc.

5- Pin Regularly

Like other social media marketing, Pinterest needs consistency and commitment. Therefore it is necessary to post pins frequently to engage your followers.

6- Create Group Boards

Creating group boards is the best way to increase your presence. Write the relevant title and description of your group board and invite other users to contribute to your board. When many pinners add relevant content to your board, you will get noticed by the large audience.

7- Join Group Boards

Your pins can be seen by the large audience by joining group boards relevant to your content. Group boards can help you when you don’t have many followers. For example, you join a group board that has 5 thousand followers. When you save pin there, those 5k people most probably can see your pin.

8- Add Pinnable Images in Your Blog Post

When you write a blog post, always include images into your post so that it can be shared on Pinterest. Make sure your image is tall and vertical because everybody loves tall images on this network. An ideal size for an image is 735×1102.

9- Follow Others in Your Niche

Follow other people related to your niche. Like and comment on their pins. It is another great way to engage with other users.

10- Repin Popular Posts

Check out popular and informative pins that are relevant to your niche. Repin them to get more attention. This is one of the most important Pinterest marketing tips that will boost your visibility.

11- Connect with Other Social Media Accounts

Connect your other social media accounts with your Pinterest business account. As a result, you will get more followers on other social media platforms.

12- Use Pinterest Analytics

If you have a business account then you can access analytics. This feature is very useful and you can view all data about your profile. You can also check how many people reach and view your profile. Which are your popular pins and boards? So you can improve your marketing strategy by using this feature.


I hope these Pinterest marketing tips will help you to get results and give more ideas to improve your marketing strategy. If you find this post helpful, share with your friends.




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