Email Marketing for Small Businesses and Bloggers

Email Marketing for small businesses and bloggers is one of the best online marketing channels. Because it is targeted, cost effective and has incredible ROI (Return on Investment) than any other digital marketing tool. When people subscribe to your newsletter, it means they are interested in your product or service. You can probably convert them into customers by sending compelling newsletters.

There are many other marketing techniques to get traffic and customers like Social Media, SEO etc. but the importance of email marketing for small businesses and blogging should not be ignored. So it is necessary to start sending emails from day first, whether you are a blogger or small business owner.

Email Marketing for Small Businesses & Bloggers! How to Get Started?

Email Marketing for Small Businesses and Bloggers

Benefits of Email Marketing

There are a lot of benefits to promote your business or blog by this. Here are some reasons for bloggers or small business owners to set up email campaigns.

  • It is economical: Sending mails is more cost-effective than any other form of marketing.
  • Target Your Audience: You have a list of interested readers because they have subscribed to your newsletters. They are your targeted audience and can be easily approached by mails.
  • Grow Your Audience: When your customers and fans subscribe to your list, you are building your audience. They can be reached anytime from anywhere.
  • Easy to Use: It is very easy to create a campaign and send beautiful newsletters to promote your business online.
  • Track Your Results: Email Marketing Services also provide excellent tracking tools. You can easily measure results of a campaign like open rates, click through rates to maximize ROI.

How to Start Email Marketing?

How exactly can you start? What are the most important steps you need to start a successful campaign? In this tutorial, I will take you through the whole process of sending emails.

First of all, you need Email Marketing Service. It provides everything that you need to start, like create campaigns, signup forms, templates etc. I recommend you to start with GetResponse. It is one of the best email service providers. You can go for free trial and start sending mails right away.

Getting Started with GetResponse

Go to GetResponse and signup by entering your mail and password.


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They will send you a link to activate your account. After activating the account, log into your GetResponse Dashboard. Here you can create, send, track mails and much more.

Add Contacts

The first step of getting started with GetResponse is to add contacts to your list. If you already have contacts you can easily add them to your list. These contacts might be of your past customers, friends, colleagues etc. that you still have in your mail account or system.

There are couples of methods to add contacts into your list. You can manually add contacts by going to GetResponse Dashboard. Hover over “Contacts” and then click on “Add Contacts”.


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Here select the campaign, enter name and mail address. Now click on the “Add Contact” Button.


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You can also import contacts by going to Contacts>>Import Contacts in the dashboard. Here you have different options to add them. There are a copy and paste method, you can also upload a file from computer or integrate with other services to import contacts.

Tick the box and click on “Import Contacts” to save them.


Getting started with getresponse

Getting started with getresponse


Grow Your List

Grow your list by putting signup forms on your website. It allows visitors to sign up to become your subscribers. It is very easy to create. Go to Forms>>Create Forms.


How to get start with getresponse


On the next screen, you will see many signup form templates. Choose the one that you like. Customize it according to your need. Now click on “Save and Publish” button.


How to get start with getresponse


You can see a code on the next screen. Copy that code and put it on your website.


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Create Campaign

In order to create campaign click “Create Campaign” on the right upper corner of your GetResponse dashboard.


get start with getresponse


Enter your campaign name and click “Create Campaign” button.


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Send Newsletter

Now you have a  list and it is growing by signup forms from your website. It is the time to send the newsletter to your subscribers. In order to begin, Go to Messages>>Create Newsletter.


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Click on the “Drag and Drop Email Editor”.


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On the next screen enter message name, subject and email address. Click on the “Next Step” button to continue.


Create newsletter


You will find many templates. Choose one template that suits you and customize it as per your requirement. Click on the “Next Step” to select a campaign where you want to send the newsletter. Go to the “Next Step” to view the summary of your message. Finally, you can “Schedule” the message for desired date and time that you want this message delivered or “Send” immediately.


Hence, the role of email marketing for small businesses and bloggers is more beneficial than any other marketing strategy. It allows you to engage and communicate directly with your audience. So, do not miss this and start sending emails right away to achieve your goals.


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