How to create a website

How to Create a Website – Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners to Make a Website

You will quickly learn how to create a website by this easy to understand and step-by-step guide. You can do this by following this simple tutorial on how to create a website in less than 60 minutes. This guide helps you in every step that you need to make your own site. So, if you are planning to make a website or start a blog then you are in the right place.

How to Create a Website in 3 Simple Steps

Let’s start to make your own site!

1- Choose the Best Website Building Platform

First of all, you need to select a website building platform. A building platform is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to create content and publish it on your site.

In early days it was difficult to make a website and required coding knowledge or professional web developer. Now Content Management System like WordPress has made it very easy and anybody can create a website. You can create any kind of professional site through user-friendly building platform.

Hence you can easily make your own fully functional and nicely designed website in minutes.

Most Popular Website Builder Platforms

There are 3 popular platforms.

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal

According to statistics from w3techs, more than 58% of sites on the internet use WordPress. While 7% use Joomla and 5% Drupal approximately.

Therefore, WordPress is the most popular.

Why WordPress is the Best Website Builder?

There are a number of reasons that WordPress is better than any other platform.

It is Free: WordPress is free and doesn’t cost to install or download.

User-Friendly & Best for Beginners: In addition, it is very easy to use and you do not need any technical skills for WordPress. So, it is ideal website builder for beginners. You can create professional websites very easily.

Responsive: Furthermore your site will be responsive for viewing on Smartphone and tablet.

Huge Support & Helpful Community: This is great about WordPress. Because it is used by millions of users and you can easily get support from them to make a website. There are many free resources, where you can get help about WordPress.

Hence, WordPress can handle all kinds of sites whether small or big.

Therefore you will learn very quickly how to create a website by using WordPress.

Let’s Make a Website by the Best Website Builder (WordPress)

2- Get Domain Name and Web Hosting

You need to get the domain name and the web hosting to make a website. Domain name is a web address of your site like and web hosting service allows others to view your site on the internet.

Disclosure: We are using Bluehost & found their hosting great. All the links to Bluehost are referral links & we will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase.

Where Can I Get Domain Name and Web Hosting?

There are a lot of domain name registration and web hosting companies. You can go to their sites, start domain name search and choose web hosting package.

I always use Bluehost for the domain name and web hosting. This is the best web hosting service. I also recommend you to get a domain name and web space from Bluehost.

The best thing about Bluehost is that you will get a free domain name when you get web hosting from them. In addition, your site loads very fast and they provide 24/7 customer support which is awesome. It is the most reliable web hosting company. You will also get unlimited web space, unlimited websites and much more.

Owning your domain name is more professional than having your website on someone else domain (like So it is essential to have your own domain for your professional image.


Let’s Get Started

Go to

Click on “get started now” button.


Best web hosting


Select Your Plan

Choose your plan according to your need. I recommend you to select plus because it is most popular with unlimited features. You may also start with basic and upgrade anytime. You will get one free domain with any plan you choose.

Click on “select’’ button to go to the next page.


Web hosting


Get Your Free Domain Name

Now enter the desired domain name in “New Domain” box.

Click on “Next” button. If your desired domain name is not available then try another one.

If you already have a domain name, put it in the “I have a domain name” box and click “Next” button to proceed.


Domain name


Create Your Account

On the next page, you need to fill your account information.


Web design


Select Your Account Plan

Scroll down to select your account plan. You can choose one, two or three year’s web hosting package at once. You can save a lot if you choose 36 months plan.

There are other add-on options. It is totally up to you whether or not purchase these. I do not recommend you to buy them at the beginning. Uncheck all these extra options. If you need them you can add later on.


Business site


Payment Information

Finally, you need to enter your payment information.

Check the box and click “Submit” button.


Make your own website


After completion, you will receive an email from Bluehost with login information of your hosting control panel (Cpanel). You can install WordPress and manage everything from Cpanel.

Congratulations, you have got the domain and hosting.

Let’s Start to Make Your Own Website
3- Install WordPress

The final step of this tutorial on how to create a website is to install WordPress. In order to install, Go to and Login to your new Bluehost account. When you logged in, click on “Install WordPress” icon under website section.


Create a website


You will go to Bluehost marketplace screen. Click on “Get Started” button to proceed.


Web design


On the next screen, select your domain name where you want to install WordPress from the drop-down menu. Click “Next” button to continue.


best website builder


Now you need to enter your site name, username, email address and password for your WordPress login. After entering your info, check all boxes and click “Install”.


How to install wordpress


When the installation is complete you will see installation complete message on the screen. By clicking on the link “view credentials” you will be redirected to the new screen where you can find WordPress login details.

At this point, you have created new WordPress website. Now it is time to customize it so that it looks beautiful and professional.


Log in to your WordPress Dashboard

You can login to your dashboard by typing “” into your web browser. Enter the username and password to log in.


Use wordpress


Your WordPress dashboard looks like this;


site builder


Select Your WordPress Theme

In order to customize you need to install and activate the theme. This is how your website looks like. WordPress offers thousands of free themes. You can choose from them and customize according to your need. You can choose free themes or paid as well depending on your business or service need.

If you want to get more professional and outstanding web design, you can get theme/template from MyThemeShop. I also get themes from them. They are professional theme maker and having a huge variety of beautiful themes or templates depending on your need at various costs. They also provide excellent customer support and tips to create a better website, if you get themes from them.

You can change the theme by going to your WordPress dashboard. On the left-hand side click “Appearance’’ and then click “Themes”. Now click on “Add New”.


Wordpress themes


You will find many themes, select and install a free template that suits you.




I hope you have learned how to create a website by using WordPress. Now you can make your own website by following this tutorial very easily.


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